Ilse Moore

Ilse Moore is renowned in South Africa as an underwater fashion, portrait and fine art photographer as well as a underwater maternity photographer. Her underwater photography has been featured in several Arts and Culture, Lifestyle and Fine Art magazines as well as numerous fashion and culture blogs around the world.

She was a guest photographer on the first season of Africa’s Next Top Model and has been awarded several peer awards for her underwater images, including Wedding and Fine Art Photographer of the year by the Admired in Africa Awards.


Ilse began her journey of photography with a Visual Art Degree and have continued to be inspired by the world of Fine Art and continues to build a strong reputation in the genre of underwater photography. She has always been attracted to surreal imagery and believes that photography as a medium lends a kind of realism to some of these fantasies and ideas, allowing it to exist in closer relationship to the viewer. Shooting underwater seemed like the logical next step to finding a balance between the surreal world and her reality. To Ilse, water is a symbolic birthing place where she can explore renewal.


"To have your passion stirred up inside you, to be renewed and inspired is a driving force, an oasis, an addiction.”

In the colourful and virbrant series RECUERDOS, she collaborated with internationally acclaimed guitarist James Grace as well as dancers from Carli Spanish Dance Production in a performance where the sway of skirts transport you to the beauty and romance of Spain. With moving visuals of the dancers underwater projected on screen during the performance and colour explosive images on exhibit, the visuals become a celebration of movement as well as the dedication, passion and beauty of the dancers themselves.