Robyn Denny, born in South Africa in 1972, is a painter and video artist. Denny majored in painting at Michaelis School of Fine Art, Cape Town, then attained a Master of Fine Arts from Goldsmiths College in London, where she graduated primarily in video art. After graduation Denny co-curated JUNCTURE in London and Cape Town, the critically renowned group show, and created her own video-installation for it – Earth, Air, Fire, Water. This led her to further her film studies at the New York Film Academy in London. 

Denny’s short film Green Mandala won official selection at the Palm Springs and Durban International Film Festivals. A solo exhibition of large black works, INK PAINTINGS Underground at The Hudson, marked her return to painting. The underground floor of The Hudson building was emptied to make way for a cavernous installation in which subterranean darkness was pierced by vaults of light. These spot-lights illuminated the film-screen scale paintings. INK PAINTINGS pre-figured further installations which came to fuse elements of lighting, film, painting and performance: At Gallery MOMO, Denny, co directed with Mamela Nyamza, a multi-panel film projection of the collaboration Hatched 2015 creating a proscenium arch effect, a filmic backdrop for Nyamza’s live performance. 

The three suspended canvas screens partially enfolded to form a videographic triptych in three acts.Hatched 2015 was then selected as a video piece at LOOP Barcelona. In Madrid, Slowtrack Gallery re-incorporated the live performance in front of the three screens. Yet it was their integration into the space of Denny’s paintings that completed the series. New echoes and resonances of the collaborative process found expression in the interplay of film, dance and painting.

Denny’s INDIGO – Passage to Healing paintings were selected for AKAA Paris 2017 and shown with Candice Berman from Berman Contemporary Gallery, Johannesburg. She has also been selected for the Dakar Biennale 2018.