Tanya Bonello

"I continuously search for a greater understanding of who I am. My interest in Space and Time is an extension of this long and meandering journey, which begins with the self and extends outwards for as far as my imagination will allow. Astrophysicists speculate as to what lies beyond the edge of the observable Universe- the Great Unknown - the endless possibilities inspire me and motivate my reason for Being. Abstract art, for me, is a vessel towards this potential Infinity". -Tanya Bonello


Synthesis - via Latin from Greek sunthesis, from suntithenai 'place together' - the union or combination of components or elements to form a connected whole.

A poetic union of mystery and beauty
The Symposium is a philosophical text written in Ancient Greek by Plato c. 385–380 BC
It concerns itself at one level with the genesis, purpose and nature of love.
Love is examined in a sequence of speeches made by the 7 individuals attending the symposium.
Each attendee must deliver an encomium, a speech in praise of Love (Eros).

Socrates, one of the 7, relates teachings told to him by Diotima of Mantinea. Diotima's speech, often referenced as her Ladder, describes an ascent from loving particular kinds of beauty to loving Beauty itself. On the bottom rung of Diotima's ladder is the love of a particular body, next the love of All beautiful bodies, a generalization.
Then the Love of the Soul more than the beautiful bodies.
The top rungs take us to even greater generality and abstraction, up towards the love of knowledge, and then the love of Beauty as an entire concept rather than beauty in its particular manifestations.
The word "Beauty" is capitalized in that in this broadest sense, it is one of what Plato calls the "Forms"; it's the timeless, ideal essence of beauty, that which all particular things beautiful possess.

..."And the true order of going, or being led by another, to the things of love, is to begin from the beauties of earth and mount upwards for the sake of that other beauty, using these steps only, and from one going on to two, and from two to all fair forms to fair practices, and from fair practices to fair notions, until from fair notions he arrives at the notion of Absolute beauty, and at last knows what the essence of beauty is."


"The Philosophy (of Nature) is written in that great book which ever is before our eyes — I mean the universe — but we cannot understand it if we do not first learn the language and grasp the symbols in which it is written. The book is written in mathematical language, and the symbols are triangles, circles and other geometrical figures, without whose help it is impossible to comprehend a single word of it; without which one wanders in vain through a dark labyrinth."  — Galileo Galilei


There are a number of recurrent threads interwoven into the body of my Paintings, spanning decades of my art making process. Namely the use of the material substances of Gypsum, oil paint and synthetic gold and silver leaf, and the thematic use of geometry and writing. The Gypsum and synthetic gold and silver leaf by virtue of their nature will continue to transform or change - they are representative of the maxim 'all is in a state of flux'.

The Geometry signifies that which we know- the fathomable, the writing appears to be unfathomable as a known language, and as such is representative of that which we do not know or that which we cannot describe in words.