Solomon Omogboye

Solomon Omogboye is a humble contemporary impressionist painter. “The beauty I see in every existence is my inspiration to paint.”My paintings are a reflection of my thoughts, inspiration and ideas. I use mainly charcoal, pastel, acrylic and oil on canvas. I always usemy media to show ideas in a visual form by creating beauty and making my own statement.

My style in painting is like woven long linear strokes of colour, or light. Often the airy veil of dramatic light moving in air or ground envelopes the strong composition of my forms. Lively paintings of figures are characterized by energetic bold strokes layered in thickpatches on canvas to depict playful expressions of human anatomy.

Painting is really a practice of focusing intentions moment to moment and that is really what life is about. I share in my paintings what I hope others get to feel in their lives: awe, wonder, excitement, gratitude, appreciation, joy, hope, freedom, acceptance and curiosity.

The imaginative twist of reality in my paintings allows minds to wander, get curious and dream of possibilities.

My paintings are a reflection of what I continue to learn in life…that the only perfection is imperfection and the appreciation of what is.Sometimes we have certain intentions in life and the outcome of reality is different. Yet it takes having a vision to start a goalin the first place and flexibility to adapt to new circumstances that arise. We get to create a vision of what we want to see and how werespond to the world. Painting helps me stay in the practice of having visions and adapting with life.