Selibe was born in Soweto in 1974, and his art education came in the form of arts programs such as those offered by Manu College, Dorkay House, Art Therapy Centre and Artist Proof Studios. “They, as well as other programs, played a significant role in the development of my career, they taught me about different materials and processes that I could then experiment with more confidently and with greater insight into what I wanted to say and do and who I wanted to do it for and with.”


My artistic signature and style have been shaped by the joy and exploration of a daily practice of making things and being able to be reflective as well as self-critical of my work.  This back and forth process of creating and reflecting and of engaging in making meaning with others has resulted in the definition of my style. I enjoy weaving together elements of artist-philosopher-creator-builder-connector-musician-questioner-explorer and the ultimate culmination of being one thing

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