"My fascination with the human figure has resulted in it remaining, unsurprisingly, one of my cornerstone
subjects. People and interpersonal relationships have been difficult for me as long as I can remember. Even
in my more abstract paintings, there is still the energy of a physical presence. The process of creating my
artworks is in itself very physical, drawing from my own grave and personal experiences and ultimately
reflecting them onto the canvas as an extension of myself."
My work is autobiographical in the context of my recovery from addiction and the journey to being a whole
person and feeling complete once again. The act of Painting presents so many elements that stimulate and
access various moods or energy. I embrace these said energies and don’t step back until I feel I have
something worth observing. I don’t edit my thoughts, I allow my stream of consciousness to unfold freely
and have often in the past, tried to find the most awkward colours that I feel work in harmony and further
express who I am as a man and an artist.