Roberto Vaccaro is South African artist located in the Garden Route area. He predominantly sculpts South African natural wildlife using scrap metals as a medium. His passion for art was largely due to the influence of his parents, and most importantly his grandfather, Vincenzo Vaccaro who introduced him to the use of metal as sculptural medium. His grandfather, Vincenzo Vaccaro created metal sculptures from scrap metal he recovered from his work place in Johannesburg, sharing his skills and passion with his grandson. Roberto Vaccaro’s late father, Dr. Vittorio Vaccaro, was inspirational too, and raised him with a for love art and philosophy. His mother, Monica Vaccaro, and his high school visual arts teacher, James. D. Stead, also played pivot roles in his early years. 

                Vaccaro’s career as an artist started at the age of sixteen with the two sculptures completed in 2011 entitled Scar Tissue and Apex of Evolution I. Obviously talented, Vaccaro received 100% for his final piece submitted for his matric exams. In 2013, Vaccaro received a scholarship to study at Michaelis Fine Arts School at the University of Cape Town. Since then Vaccaro has exhibited in numerous exhibitions across South Africa, including the George Botanical Gardens, the George Arts and Crafts Showcase, the Old Biscuit Mill in Cape Town, Landmark Foundation’s 10 Year Anniversary in Cape Town, Glen Wood House, The Grahamstown Arts Festival, Buzzard Heights Groot Brakrivier, The KKNK in Oudtshoorn, as well as the Candice Berman Gallery in Johannesburg.