Thando Ngwenya

Thando Makhosini Ngwenya was born in KwaFelekisi , Amanzimtoti in Kwazulu Natal in 1992, where he was raised by his grandmother. Ngwenya credits her with teaching him the most significant lessons of his life.


At the age of 14, Ngwenya moved to Soweto, Johannesburg in Gauteng, where he first lived with his mentor, and later his sister, and started his self guided art practice. As a teenager living in Soweto, he soon realised that life is short and frail, and that most choices really came down to choosing either life or death. Many teenagers around him were turning to drugs and crime choosing death, as it were but Thando decided early on that life, and the joy that comes with it, would always be his choice. For him, that meant diving deep into the world of art and literature, and eventually seeing the public the ‘people’ that his art is for receive his art with positivity and relation.


Ngwenya specialises in watercolours with pen and ink, and has lately started experimenting with acrylic. He draws inspiration from the rich web of diversity that surrounds him in South Africa, and in Soweto in particular.


Through the media he uses and by representing the people he comes into contact with daily, he manages to capture the sense of transient joy and ineffable presence that can only be experienced when you are immersed in the South African cultural expression at ground level.


He is represented by the Candice Berman Gallery in Johannesburg, South Africa.