Ziyanda Majozi

Ziyanda Majozi, born 1985 is a full time artist who specializes in mosaic. She entered the art scene about 10years ago. Ziyanda Grew up in Nqamakwe, a small town in Eastern Eastern Cape with no access to Art. She came to Cape Town 17 year ago to study, only after high school she started taking her talent serious. Ziyanda started as a self-taught artist and later gained experience through multiple Art workshops, art projects and mentorship programs. She went on to study professional Mosaic for 3years at Spier Arts Academy, a mosaic school in Cape Town. 


As a young queer woman she has managed to find her voice using her art as a tool. 

Focusing on issues that affect women especially where LGBTI issues are concerned is the principle. She has been involved in many discussions and projects regarding the issue of hate crime, together with some LGBTI organizations in Cape Town. 

Ziyanda has been working with Zanele Muholi, an internationally acclaimed photographer/Activist collaborating and reproducing some of her famous photographs into mosaic pieces as a way to create concrete and everlasting statement and memory. Together they worked on some photographs of lesbians who have been victims of hate crime and HIV/AIDS in South Africa.  


Her current work has been a shift from what is mentioned above. She has been producing work that focuses on Artists of different genres, visual, music and political. Ziyanda has worked with studios like Greatmore Art Studios and Bag Factory Studios, being at Bag Factory on a mentorship program enabled her to showcase her work at the 2013 FNB Joburg Art Fair and also seen her featuring on a the Sunday Sun newspaper 29 September 2013. 

Ziyanda is inspired by a lot of people but mostly she is a self-motivated person who believes that Art is indeed a tool and a voice for many as she herself is doing so.