John-Michael Metelerkamp | SOLO | Keepers: Candice Berman Gallery

29 August - 13 September 2017
VIP Viewing Thurs 29th 18:30 

Candice Berman Gallery, Bryanston

With this body of work as with all my artistic practices I
undergo a process of deconstructing my past, present and
future in the hope of learning about who I am and where I find
myself in the moment.
The surface of anything is a mere manifestation of the viewers
ideology in whatever form that takes. So I chose to represent
the true self of the protagonist in an additional face of either
blue, white or red. Colour plays a huge role in my work. I use it
to create juxtaposition between dark subject matter and my
whimsical sense of humour.
The big forms and small figures are not totally aware of one
another. A spiritual battle is taking place in these paintings.
Although I am not a Christian I have read much of the bible. The
subject of faith is brought up many times. Faith means belief.
And perspective alters belief. So with most of my work I analyze
the subject of perspectives. Whether or not these opposing
figures choose to acknowledge each other doesn’t change the
fact that they do exist and will play a role in the story that