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Fulcrum Suzanne Shaw Creative Award : Candice Berman Gallery, Johannesburg

7 - 12 June 2017

Fulcrum Group announce first ever Suzanne Shaw Creative award

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The Fulcrum Group, in partnership with the Bag Factory Artists’ Studios and the Candice Berman Fine Art Gallery, has announced the launch of the first ever Fulcrum Suzanne Shaw Creative Award 2017, which revolves around the concept of “seeing things differently” and exploring the intersection of where art and industrial design meet, the award is aimed at young curators.

The award has been created to celebrate the life of Suzanne Shaw, who at the same time as being a valued team member of the Fulcrum Group, had an unwavering devotion to the visuals arts, with a special interest in the field of curatorship. The collective vision is that the award contributes to the growth of arts and artists in South Africa, and while doing so serves to honour the life and passions of Suzanne Shaw.

In an attempt to develop more curators in South Africa, the Bag Factory aims to provide hands-on experience to aspiring curators while giving artists more opportunities to exhibit their work. By carefully selecting an aspiring curator and pairing him/her with a developed, professional curator, the curatorial programme allows for the running of an exhibition under the guidance of a professional.

The aspiring curator is expected to select the artists, monitor the production of work, market and creating publicity for the artists and exhibition, price the works, hang the exhibition and finally make sales. This end to end solution ensures that the aspiring curator receives experience in every aspect of the exhibition process.

The exhibition will take place at the Candice Berman Gallery towards the middle of 2017 and the closing date for aspiring curators to enter is 16 January 2017.