Natalie Field | Human.Nature : Natalie Field | Human.Nature

5 - 19 April 2018


2018 Solo Exhibition

The story of our universe begins with a singularity. Due to some inconceivable force, space expanded and matter formed. The stars, the earth, oceans, animals and even our bodies, are all made from this matter that has existed since the beginning of time. The Merriam-Webster dictionary has a term for this collective: NATURE.

We are, quite literally, stardust.


Drawing inspiration from metaphysics, philosophy and mythology to inform the work, Field builds intricate narratives that illustrate concepts around creation, evolution, metamorphosis and the transmigration of the soul inspired by. 

On the surface, these themes are visually explored through biological forms encouraged by an interest in anatomy, zoology, entomology and botany. Besides celebrating the beauty of nature, these elements are set to explore the tentative relationship between humanity and its environment.


Using digital technology as an essential tool in the creative process, elements from everyday scenes captured in digital photographs, scanned negatives and digitized objects are deconstructed, to be reconstructed into new realities.

The results are surreal, and often bizarre, narratives played out in cinematic tableaus, photo-montages, botanicals and cinemagraphs.