Infinite energy: the work of artist Elsa Duault

House and Leisure, House and Leisure, August 20, 2018



You can’t help but feel something move inside you when you look at one of  Elsa Duault’s circular canvases. The swirling colours, interesting textures and intricate patterns are so remarkable that you can almost feel energy exude from the art. There is a reason for this; Duault wants to represent energy that we find all around us, through her work.

Duault graduated with her masters in Marketing in Paris, 2014. With her full focus on art especially on painting and writing, she presented her series of works in many different places in Paris, Rouen, Reims, and Le Havre. In February 2017 she moved to Cape Town to work and to study at the Michaelis School of Fine Art where she specialises in what is termed Fluid Art.

When it comes to her work, Duault rejects the notion of restraint and allows the paints to move freely over the canvas. She uses acrylic paints of varying thickness so that they move in different ways and don’t mix on the canvas. She may place her paints, move her entire canvas, blow through a straw for detail, but ultimately she does not control the outcome of her work. This is because she allows the paint to move organically, she describes her technique as Molecular painting.

The result is a dynamic manifestation of form and colour as captured at a point in time. Her technique recreates a microscopic or macroscopic environment, embracing the geometry of natural and organic compositions such as coral or underwater scenes. The visual is of energy colliding and dispersing before finally meeting its equilibrium or resting point.

The body of work was first launched at the RMB Turbine Art Fair 2018 which engaged the audience with the introduction of the ARTIVIVE app, allowing the viewer a behind-the scenes peek into the artist’s studio and how the pieces are formed.

Here are more examples of Duault’s work:


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