Candice Berman

Founder / Director

Candice Berman founded Candice Berman Gallery in 2013 and opened Berman Contemporary in 2017.


After her acceptance of a BA Fine Art with the University of Witwatersrand, she chose to pursue a BA Degree in Philosophy and English Literature instead and completed her Honours Degree in English Literature (with distinction). Afraid that her raw creativity may be 'quietened-down' she pursued art away from the academic confines of an institution and directs her focus on the raw, unpolluted expression of the mind and its contents through art. Her fascination lies with the pioneering art movements, particularly that of South African Neo-Expressionism - as seen in the works of Daniel Stompie Selibe and John-Michael Metelerkamp. 


I work tirelessly for my artists and love pushing them to the limits to see what emerges...


With a fantastic team at both galleries, Candice continues to apply her keen eye and aesthetic to building young artists as well as working with collectors and curators.